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Othoz GmbH, based in Berlin, develops quantitative investment strategies based on machine learning technologies. The implementation in investment products is carried out by Othoz Capital GmbH. The interdisciplinary team from the fields of finance, computer and data science as well as mathematics, physics and neuroscience works on mapping the complex dynamics of influencing variables and interdependencies in financial markets in holistic models and combining them with the best practices of modern investment processes. Founded in 2017, the company is embedded in the worldwide development of knowledge in the field of artificial intelligence, also through close exchange with leading universities and as a member of Inquire Europe. Othoz is already one of the most important driving forces for AI-based analysis and decision-making processes in the field of asset management.



Dr. Daniel Willmann (freigestellt)

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Dr. Peter Oertmann (freigestellt)

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Dr. Mathias Eitz (freigestellt)

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Julien Florian Jensen

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Julien Florian Jensen (freigestellt)

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